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3D Mappings


*Includes content creation and animation. We take care of the whole process of installation, hardware, transportation of the Tech team and maintenance (additional charges). 



The 3D mapping will be a total creation of the story you would like to have, from your city, mall, vendors, etc.



  • Promote your mall with beautiful and unique mappings to attract more visitors

  • Perfect to be built around a campaign that you want to promote


Availability: 4 Months in advance

Measurement: Customized for any building

Space: Outdoor on a facade

Installation Time: 5 days

Leasing Price for 8 days: $150,000, Non-exclusive rights to use the intellectual property, meaning that you would not own the content + projectors, speakers, towers, installation, crowd control, security, transportation and maintenance 

Includes: content creation, animation

Note: All mappings are always for leasing only






Watch Video with audio to enjoy the complete experience!

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