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Body Language


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



This installation provokes its viewers into exploring the labor and intimacy of embodied communication, compelling them to stutter

with their bodies. Here an invisible and asymmetrical projection grid

is saturated with trigger points, each activating animated text and spoken word as our bodies cross its path.

The saturation of these ‘virtual buttons’ creates an inverse relationship: move quickly, and the piece will itself stutter in a barrage of audiovisual verbiage; move carefully, even cautiously – stutter with your body – and both meaning and bodies emerge.

Availability: 2 Months in advance
Measurement: 18 ft x 14 ft space required
Space: Indoor
Light Condition: Dim / Dark
Installation Time: 2 days
Leasing Price: $15.200 / Month
Purchase Price: $60.000​

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