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Super Silhouette


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

A perfect Interactive Installation to attract, to keep and to increase returning customers to your mall.


Size: customized  to fit your space, theme or celebration.


It could be built as a complete wall installation to fit many persons at the same time or as a single installation to fit any space in different levels of the mall.


Super Silhouette is an interactive iconic installation to create amusing artworks.



- Engage vendors through photo contest with prizes for winners.

- Since this installation is for purchase, you could use it for different events in different places in your mall year-round.

- Social Media Campaign: visitors are invited to post their impressions using a hashtag created for this campaign.


Topshop store in London engaged over 3.8 million customers using #LIVETREND hashtag in a Social media campaign during the 2015 London Fashion Week.

Availability: appx. 3 Months in advance

Material: Steel body, Acrylic resin

Purchase Price: $14,950 USD for 1.8m H X 1m L X 15cm W

 (1 week - 30 days) + Transportation. 

$36,000 USD for 1.8m H X 3m L X 15cm W + Transportation


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