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NY1 TV Channel interviews Astrid Amaya about one-of-a-kind Art Exhibition taking place at all Bloomingdale's Mall window displays for their 30th Anniversary Celebration. InterMinds were the curators and producers of the event. 

TV Channel "Univision" in USA National Art in Education Program interviews InterMinds Founders, Astrid Amaya and Alejandro Garcia-Amaya about the creative art events for corporate companies that they have been organizing all these years. 

Thai TV The Diplomat Program covers the first Latin American Art Exhibition in Thailand. The Opening had the presence of 15 ambassadors and the most influential people in Thailand's Art scene. It was hosted by Central Embassy Mall in Bangkok and organized by InterMinds. 

RCN TV in USA covers the Opening of the first Art/Fashion event at the Queens Museum, New York. This unique event was organized by InterMinds. Interview with InterMinds CEO, Alejandro Garcia-Amaya. 

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