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Crazy Archi


*Includes content creation and animation. We take care of the whole process of installation, hardware, transportation of the Tech team and maintenance (additional charges). 



In this interactive installation of “Crazy Archi,” outdoor visitors have the power to morph the façade of the Celestine theater during the Festival of Lights in Lyon. The piece interacts with the public’s voices and songs to map and deform the theater’s walls, windows, arches,

and columns into interesting shapes, faces, and architectural designs, based on audience input using a microphone. The installation can be personalized for your brand, providing great entertainment.

Availability: 3 Months in advance to book
Space: Outdoor
Light Condition: Dark
Installation Time: Depends on building size, appx. 1 week
Leasing Price: $150,000, 
Non-exclusive rights to use the intellectual property, meaning that you would not own the content

Included in the leasing price: content creation, animation

Not included: projectors, speakers, towers, installation, crowd control, security, transportation and maintenance 




Please scroll down and view this video with the original audio to enjoy the complete experience!

Watch Video with audio to enjoy the complete experience!

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