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scratch and win 3



*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Transformation and Revelation are combined in this interactive tribute, in this giant "Scratch and Win" simulation, the surface transforms when the visitors scratch it, revealing a big picture of a selected theme.

It is a perfect installation to celebrate Saint Valentine's day, Women's day, Halloween, Christmas, New years or any celebration taking place.

PR Angle: Visitors can take pictures and tag it your social media, when the artwork is revealed it could be auctioned or sold and part of the benefits could be donated to a NPO.

Availability: 2 Months in advance.
Measurement:  8 x 4 ft Panel. Multiple panels could be installed for any space.
Space: Indoor
Light Condition: Day Light
Installation Time: 1 day
Leasing Price: N/A
Purchase Price: $9.500


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