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*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



"Energy" is a stretched sheet of spandex which acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire like visuals and expressively play music.

​When someone presses into it the visuals react around where the person presses, and the music is triggered. An algorithm created with Max allows the music to speed up and slow down and get louder and softer, based on the depth. This provides a very expressive musical playing experience, even for people who have never played music before. A switch is built into the frame which toggles between two modes. The second mode is a little more aggressive than the first.

Availability: 3 Months in advance to book
Measurement: 7ft tall, 4ft wide. Size could be customized.​
Space: Indoor
Light condition: Dim / Dark
Installation Time:  2 days
Leasing Price: $52,000 / Month
Purchase Price: N/A for purchase

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