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Essence of a Tree f
Essence of a Tree 2

Essence of a Tree


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Essence of a Tree, offers an intimate relationship between the wood and the participant by revealing a sound memory in physical contact with the matter. 

This core of this installation is made of very thin and delicate ash wood veneer sheets that have distinct sonorous touch zones that follow the natural veins of wood. Various kinds of sound are used to simulate haptic and gestural behavior. The electrostatic energy of the human body is the trigger for this artwork.


Availability: 2-3 Months in advance at signing contract
Type of Installation: Interactive sound installation for all ages
Space: Outdoor/Indoor                                           
Light Condition: Day
​Leasing Price: $8,900 USD /tree (1-3 months) + Transportation. Includes artwork, branding campaign, installation and dismantling

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