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Feel the Music


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Made out of screen printed tyke sheets, that have been printed with conductive paint in order to make them able to sense the presence of an audience. When someone touches or strokes the surface of the tyke, a soundscape is composed in real time; the soundtrack uses samples of machinery commonly employed to scan the human body and it is assembled by a custom code. 

At the core of the interactive tapestries featured in the installation, a constantly modulated data driven ambient soundscape composed in real time and reminiscent of a medical research environment, serves as an acoustic feedback loop that alludes to the relationship between science and the body. Touch the music and let your fingers do the dancing.


Availability: 2-3 Months in advance at signing contract

Measurement: 3 panels, 2.5m H X 1.5m L
Space: Outdoor/Indoor                                           

Light Condition: Night/Day

Leasing Price: $22,000 USD 

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