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Floating Dreams



Floating Dreams draws upon an idea of the spirit of the Wind, an original creation that will transform the plaza of the National Theater.


On an immersive soundtrack, the installation showcases 26 light monoliths, within which fly feathers in an aerial ballet. 

The installation draws up a mysterious landscape between mythologic scenery and modern space design. Floating Dreams synchronizes sound, light, and feathers to create fascinating aerial ballet. 

This installation features 26 plexiglass monoliths, each containing LEDs, fan, and hundreds of feathers. influenced by the god of wind, the National Theater will transform into a mythological, modern space.


Measurement: 860mm diameter, 60mm depth for the body, and under 120mm with the windmill.
Space: Outdoor/Indoor                                           

Light Condition: Dim/Night

Leasing Price: $102,000 USD 


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign.

Please scroll down and view this video with the original audio to enjoy the complete experience!

Watch Video with audio to enjoy the complete experience!

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