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Green Lantern


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign


Many contemporary artist and architects are rethinking how to conceive and construct space in new [or perhaps old] ways in order to produce new readings of space and matter. 


"Green Lantern" is an in-situ exploration into the perception of other formative constructs; spaces of movement, flux, life, and discovery. First spaces of the womb, the cave, the termite nest, the ant colony,

the bee hive, or many other such structures are all spaces which create a very different type of spatial cognition for the inhabitant than that of contemporary avoided Euclide an space.

Availability: 3 months in advance to book

Measurement: 49 ft x 49ft Area
Installation Time: 1 week

Light Condition: Dim
Leasing Period: 1 Month

Leasing Price: $60,000

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