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Happy Faces of the World


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



The world as we know it: 7 Continents, 196 Countries, over 6.000 Languages, many cultures, many Arts…. One thing we can all share "A Smile".

"Happy Faces of the World" is an interactive installation that engages the audience as part of the exhibition. Using their phones, visitors send a selfie doing a happy or a funny face. The selfie is then uploaded to a constantly changing grid of faces projected onto the gallery wall. Each selfie is bumped to the left when a new selfie is created, presenting a dynamic and evolving mosaic of portraits. When visitors are attracted to this simple prop, everyone is a star. 

PR Angle: This installation makes visitor feel part of a big community and create a sense of partnership among the participants. A social media campaign can be launched awarding the funniest, the most original, the sweetest selfie tagged in your social media, giving traffic to your official Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.


Availability: 3 months in advance 
Measurement: Customized
Space: Indoor/Outdoor
Light Conditions: Day and Night
Installation Time: 2 days
Leasing Price: $30.000 (1 Month) + Transportation + Projector

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