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6 secs selfie movie ocean park

Hollywood 6 secs


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

Hollywood 6 seconds turns your event guests into six seconds movie makers. It encourages them to document and share the good times, right there and then - online, and on-screens at the venue.

To participate, all they need is a smartphone with the Vine app installed. Guests shoot Vine videos, tag them with your hashtag and post to Vine. At the event, set a content theme, run a super-short film making competition or just let guests go with the flow. Whatever you choose, it's sure to appeal to their creative streak.


Availability: 3 Months in advance

Measurement: Screen will be provided by client.

Space: Indoor

Light Condition: Dim - Dark

Installation Time: 4 Days

Leasing Price: $45.000

Purchase Price: N/A for purchase

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