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Human Impact


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Human Impact attempts to represent the effects of climate change on marine life and coral reefs. When a visitor sits down, sensors signal a change and the colors begin to desaturate and dilute from the sitting spot. The longer a person is sitting, the more the ‘bleaching’ happens; but when the visitor starts to retreat, the colors begin to return to full luminescence.

The materials are arranged in rows to create a curved structure around a cavity, which houses the lighting and sensor components. The clear acrylic panels are sandwiched between the timbers to create a bright reflection of the interior LED strips and set up a powerful lighting rhythm. 

​​Availability: 1 Month in advance
Measurement: 3m L x 1.5m W 
Weight: 400kg (each time a different organic form)
Space: Outdoor
Light Condition: Dark
Leasing Price: $36,000 USD

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