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Human Touch


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Shimmering metallic poles are inviting people to make contact. A touch to either pole makes the chandelier hanging above briefly glow a little brighter, then fade again. As more people touch the poles more brief responses play through the languid chandelier. By making a connection with another person the courtyard is brought to life and bathed in the glow of a powerful and vivacious light. Quiet voices sing and harmonize as the rhythm grows and more people are drawn in by people holding out a hand which adds to the HumanTouch’s idea to bring people together. We can use technology to bring us closer together by focusing on what we have in common.

Availability: 1 Month in advance
Measurement: 3x3m floor space, 4m high (customizable)
Space: Outdoor
Light Condition: Dark
Installation Time: 2 days
Purchase Price: 29,000 USD  

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