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*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Infinity installation spins around with the wind and generates a 3D structure of light that spins on itself. The idea came from the geometry of nature and the symbology of the infinite. 

Depending on the wind, this elegant artwork will create different dynamic effects of light, shadow and sound, transforming the perception of space. 

The structure can be hung up to 10 meters in height with three steel cables able to resist to a weight of 200 kg, or it could be fixed on the ground with the base with bolts or with a wood panel with weights. 

It is lighted with electroluminescent cable and four halogen mini-spots of regular light that will be controlled through a 4-channel dimmer station. This will modulate the light and will create shadows. 

The suitable space could be urban spaces and cloisters.

Measurement: 9m H X 2m L, cube pedestal: 55 X 55 X 55cm

Space: Outdoor/Indoor                                           
Light Condition: Day - Night

Leasing Price: $35,000 USD 

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