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Leading Creative Agency offering Innovative Brand Marketing through
Interactive Experiences for the World’s Leading Companies
30 Years of Experience with Innovative Marketing for Malls, Cities, Fortune 500 Companies and now Airports
200+ Interactive Art Installations
from all over the World
Idea Generation, Strategy
Development & Execution
Innovative Marketing Strategies to Boost your ROI
Enhance Costumer Experience to Increase the % of Traffic Return
We Partner with Top Local
Event Companies in any country 
if required
Our Clients
Our Services
Create Memorable Experiences  I  Increase Traffic & Sales  I  Attract Sponsors  I  Distinguish Brand 

The story behind InterMinds - How the passion for art and traveling of the Founders turned into enabling people worldwide to have engaging, enchanting and empowering experiences through interactive art installations.

What Our Clients Say About Us

William Robalino, Executive Director at UBS

“As always, I had a wonderful time viewing the artworks and listening to the stories of the artists. Our company, UBS, has worked with InterMinds in the past so I already know the high caliber exhibitions they produce.”

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