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chandelier harp
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Invisible Music


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign


The Invisible Music can install either hung from the ceiling or

Stand-alone placement, it is an interactive musical instrument played

by passing your hand, arm, leg, or body through the low voltage lasers that shine from the top of the Invisible Music to the ground. Designed for active, collaborative, community-based play, it works much like plucking the strings of a harp. 


Participants passing through the beams trigger custom circuitry and sensors to produce musical notes. Users play within the red laser beams to create an ambiance that is individual to the moment of interaction.

When crowds flock to it and people start to play independently, the group’s chaotic activity give the piece life as if they are participating in a symphony.


Each “string” mixes its own library of sounds to create a depth and tone that complements the public activity and random or organized play. In a Dim space the laser beams will be an extra attraction.


Availability: 3 Months in advance

Measurement Hanging Version: 8 ft x 6 ft diameter

Measurement Stand Alone Version: 10 ft x 15 ft diameter

Space Hanging: Indoor

Space Stand Alone: Indoor or outdoor

Light Condition: Any light condition
Installation Time: 2 Days

Leasing Price: $20.000 / Month 

Purchase Stand Alone Version: $95.000 

Purchase Hanging version: $80.000

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