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Love Meter


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Love Meter is a giant illuminated heart-shaped installation that delivers a playful, interactive and fun take on expressions of love. 


The hashtags will lead to the sponsor’s customized Social Media Campaign. It encourages everyone, not just couples, to share their

love for nationality, religion, gender, family, friendship or partner by shouting “I LOVE YOU (person/city/place/game)”.


The more intense their shouts, the more colorful the patterns on the heart. The interactivity component can be custom programmed with phrases that show on the heart. The heart can have a few different reward sequences that can be brand aligned with the name of the city/town or personalized.


Your brand will be permanently displayed on the bottom of the heart (e.g. #ILoveYou...City).

Availability: 3 Months in advance at signing contract

Measurement: 3m W x 3m L x 3m H
Space: Outdoor
Light Condition:  Dark
Installation Time: 3 days
Price: $14,800 USD

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