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Magic Metropolis


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Towering to a height of 4 meters, Magic Metropolis is a monolithic installation, brought to life by a dramatic repertoire of lighting effects that begin with subtle changes in colour and culminate in a simulated eruption of shooting flames and molten lava.


The installation is constructed from a series of modular extruded columns that are assembled into the abstract shape of a volcanic mountain. The mountain is designed to be viewed and approached from all sides, offering a full 360-degree experience.


Each column is packed with computerized graphics that can be controlled by visitors to create effects of superb accuracy and realism. The entire mountain is controllable, so participants can direct color patterns to run from one side, across, around, down and

up the mountain. Surround sound installed within the structure adds drama to the atmosphere.

Availability: 2-3 Months in advance at signing contract

Measurement: 3m L x 3m W x 4m H
Space: Outdoor
Light Condition: Dark
Installation Time: 2 days

Leasing Price: AP: $29,000*

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