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Magic Pen


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



A perfect Interactive Installation to build a branding/reward campaign to attract and to keep your visitors in the Mall. It  engages vendors to promote themselves through prizes for winners of ongoing painting contest organized by ages.


Suitable for all ages. The drawing could be done in teams of 2 or more, each participant needs a Magic Pen. Participants could keep their work to be continued on their next visit and they could draw for any time from something simple to a very detailed drawing, choosing from a palette of 16 different colors that will show on the bottom of the screen.


Size of wall and number of monitors would be to suit your space. No Internet connection required.


Magic Pen integrates high-tech components and is the ultimate connector as it incorporates a powerful gesture recognition software, fully configurable. Player just activates the tiny RF receiver for RF communication.


Availability: 2 Months in advance

Purchase Price: For 3 Magic Pens = $5,500 Includes software, RF receiver and communicator. Does not include monitors.



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