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Molecules is a 10-story tall mobile structure made of 300 large balloons that form a nimble and reactive structure that visitors are able to 'paint' on.

Each balloon in Molecules contains sensors, LEDs and microcontrollers, enabling the balloons to create patterns of colour rippling skyward.


Once Mini Burble is launched, members of the public use a Mini Burble App to paint the colours that flow through the 30m form. The public are able to come close to Mini Burble while it is in flight, and in some cases it can be walked through crowds, depending on the complexity of the event and event space available.

The "Molecules"  App enables the public to ‘fingerpaint’ and trigger animated colours, creating vivid patterns across its surface. Visitors can paint on their own, but if they coordinate and work together they are able to create more spectacular results.

Leasing Period: 3 hours
Measurement: 98 ft tall
Requirements: Minimum space of 164x164 ft outdoor. Clear of structures (lamp posts, bus stops...) in a perimeter of 328 ft.

Leasing Price: $224,000 (plus taxes, flights and accommodation of installers 3 days).


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign.

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