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Music benches 3
Music benches 2

Music Benches


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



The “Music Bench” - kids and adults could sit and play the keyboards that will also synchronize with changing lights in dusk. 

Music sensors and different sound kits (drums, guitar, piano, violin, bells) will let the benches change lights when music plays. 

To enhance the space during daytime, the benches will be decorated with beautiful designs and will make sounds when people sit or play on them.  

​Availability: 3 Months in advance at signing contract
Type of Installation: Interactive Light & Sound Synchronized Installation for day and night time
Size: 1.4m L X 0.6m W
Material: Waterproof and shock-resistant fiberglass
Leasing Price for 3 benches: $10,500 (1-2 weeks) + Transportation

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