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*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



Observing is a surveillance installation that captures gallery visitors as both an individual and as a body in motion within the gallery space. In a large gallery room, one wall presents two very large projections.


On the left side, images of visitors are extracted from the gallery floors and walls, and then looped back onto themselves at 20-second intervals. The result is that every action recorded in the gallery since the computer was turned on plays out simultaneously on the screen, repeating every 20 seconds. 

The stream of repeating images reflects a seething chaos of activity that provides a record of the movements of each visitor. The images are densely social and deeply layered. The right side is a static catalog of the gallery visitors’ individual faces tracked within the space. Their heads are zoomed in on and adjectives, such as “unsuspecting,” “hungry,” and “suspicious” are labeled above their heads.

Availability: 3 Months in advance
Measurement: 20 x 20 ft space minimum.
Space: Indoor 
Light Condition: DIM - Dark space required
Installation Time: 4 Days 
Leasing Price: $18.000
Purchase Price: $59.000


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