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Saturn Rocks


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign



“Saturn Rocks” will be the star attraction and will certainly elicit the Wow reaction leaving a lasting impression among your visitors. This impressive installation will not only attract new and returning visitors

but also media attention.


This installation aims to slow down time and decompose movement. Saturn’s  slow rotation coats the public with a surreal environment, suggesting different type of enclosures. With the throbbing rhythm of an aurora borealis, visitors will enjoy the gigantic rotating halo.


The artist wants visitors to detach themselves from the reality of their life and enjoy being in another dimension - where time and space seem to be shifting like molten rocks. This massive and slowly rotating installation appears to be floating above ground, like a ring being motioned by gravity.

Saturn Rocks gigantic ring could be installed at any height. It could be offered with spot lights or sound track.

Availability: 3 Months in advance 

Measurement: 10 m. diameter                        

Weight: 140 pounds                 

Space: Indoor/Outdoors ( will have light effects)

Leasing Price: $35,500 USD (1 week to a month)  + Transportation + Installation

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