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*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

We must imagine that the ceiling is a piece of paper, and our heads are made of charcoal. It uses 3D-tracking data to follow participants’ moving heads – forward and backward, right and left, in exaggerated and fully embodied gestures – and draws slowly fading, charcoal-like lines of these actions on screen. 


If and when any of the shapes we create resemble a character from the English alphabet (using the Palm Pilot “graffiti“ gestures), that letter will be temporarily overlaid in the projection in the standard Times font, accompanied by a John Cage-like oral recitation (“Aaaaah,” “Buh,” “Kkkkk,” and so on).


Availability: 2 Months in advance

Measurement: 18 ft x 14 ft space required

Space: Indoor

Light Condition: Dim / Dark

Installation Time: 2 days

Leasing Price: $16.000 / Month

Purchase Price: $52.000

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