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Starry Sky


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign


A large dark matte disk is embedded with LED lights and an ubiquitous folded pinwheel toy in its centre, bringing back childhood memories. 

To activate this interactive light installation, a person stands close to create an intimate relationship with the Starry Sky. By blowing on the pinwheel, a turbine senses the strength of the spinning pinwheel and LEDs light up accordingly, dispersing light in an elegant array. 

If the pinwheel spins fast enough, the object stays lit up until the next interaction. This is the object version of a concept of light interaction that can take any size and shape to create bespoke installations. 

It can be hanged onto a wall. The lighting animation can be reverse if specified before as the software is bespoke – blowing to switch off the lights.


Availability: 2-3 Months in advance at signing contract

Measurement: 860mm diameter, 60mm depth for the body, and under 120mm with the windmill.
Space: Outdoor/Indoor                                           

Light Condition: Day/Night

Leasing Price: $15,500 USD 

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