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*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

"Subconscious"  is a graphical work about the re­composition of time and space through a game of perspectives, both of the exhibition space itself and that of the projection canvas.


The installation plays on the principle of repetition and scale to create a physical and hypnotic experience that opens doors onto the hidden and untouchable.

The work is structured around a progressive structure, the use of simple graphic elements known as “peelings”, and is made up of 4 parts lasting 14 minutes.

A 5.1 surround sound set­up accentuates the physical dimension of the installation, strengthening and playing with the impression of volume and space.

Installation Time: 2 Days

Space: Indoor

Light Conditions: Dark
Measurement: 164 up to 492 square feet.
Requirements: Adaptable sizes.composed- a physical structure, needs to be built each time on location (2 walls at right angle, of 22 ft. wide x 12 ft. high x 1 ft. deep each) - video projection (2 x full HD projectors + media server) - sound (5 x speakers and 2 subs).

Leasing Price: US $45,000

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