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Unknown Dimension


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

Unknown Dimension, offers immersive and projections of body by mixing real and imaginary reflects. 

The semi-transparent veil has an elasticity which is incorporated within the process of metamorphosis. When the hand pushes the fabric, it reveals various depth of matters. This veil is the sensitive surface of the artwork. It is a kind of skin, a frontier which is transformed when the spectator touches it. Then, it becomes again rigid when the spectator stops to touch it.

Gestures of spectators on the veil allow to change matter of images:

tridimensional distortions generates visual and sonorous video matter which is transformed in real time through their interactions. Like a music score, each interaction zones on the fabric offer sonorous matters when the spectator pushes his hand. Then, when nobody interacts with the veil, it becomes rigid and virtual matters disappear. The reflect of the spectator is only visible.

Availability: 2 Month in advance to book.
Measurement: 10 x 13 Foot + interaction Space.
Space: Indoor
Light Condition: Dim / Dark
Installation Time: 2 Day
Leasing Price: $14.400 / Month

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