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Water Art


*includes installation and customized marketing campaign

WaterArt is a project that aims to create a material made of thousands of LEDs which lights up when touched by water. When it touches the frame of a LED, water creates an electrical bridge bringing the power required to light up the LED embedded under the surface. The wetter it is, the brighter it gets.

Based on a idea as simple as bright, WaterArt’s purpose is to be a new kind of reactive material to draw or write ephemeral messages made of light.


Water could be applied with a sponge, a brush, by hand or any spray can.

Availability: 4 Months in advance

Measurement: 13 ft long x 6 ft tall ( up to 32 ft )

Space: Outdoor or Indoor

Light Condition: Dim / Dark

Installation Time: 2 Days
Requirements: Client provides a metal structure

Leasing Price: $42,000 / 2 weeks 

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